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On the Pot of Gold

I was told yesterday that some of the children in our school’s reception class had asked to place Jesus on the “pot of gold”. This “pot of gold” is the top spot in the class’s encouragement system. Children are moved up the scale when they perform or behave well, all the children want to make it to the “pot of […]

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Was this Jonah’s question?

Recently I was away with the Church of a good friend. I was asked along to help lead their children’s ministry as the Church fellowship spent a weekend away together. We based our teaching around the story of Jonah. Jonah was an Old Testament prophet asked by God to go to the people of Nineveh. His task was to carry […]

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In the name of Jesus

Yesterday morning I was sharing bread and wine with some friends and family. As we often do we encouraged one of the children to help serve the bread to the children and adults. As I stood holding the basket of bread for an engaging 8 year old girl, she served pieces of bread using the phrase “The body of Jesus […]

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Words and actions

I was reading through one of the Gospels the other day when a thought landed in my head. The Gospels tend to have the following structure – Jesus did this, Jesus did that, Jesus did this, Jesus said this, Jesus did this, Jesus did this, Jesus did something more, Jesus said that, Jesus did this. But so very often our […]

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