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The following is taken from the Starbridge series of novels by Susan Howatch – it is a quote from sculptor Harriet March describing the creative process to a clergyman. Maybe, like me, you can see a parallel in your calling, in your ministry, in these wonderfully evocative words.   “But no matter how much the mess and distortion make you […]

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The White Horse

I am sure you will have seen pictures of the White Horse cut into the chalk Downs. It is a beautiful, ancient piece of artwork, stunning in its simplicity and glorious in form. This morning as I was thinking about the way we reach out to show people God’s love I thought about the White Horse. I was led to […]

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Game, set and match

Tonight I was given a picture by God. At first it was meaningless to me and so unexpected that I wondered if it was simply a creation of my imagination. As I wrestled with the meaning I believe God opened it up to me. So what was the picture: imagine you are watching the tennis at Wimbledon, a shot is […]

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