In the name of Jesus

Yesterday morning I was sharing bread and wine with some friends and family. As we often do we encouraged one of the children to help serve the bread to the children and adults. As I stood holding the basket of bread for an engaging 8 year old girl, she served pieces of bread using the phrase “The body of Jesus broken for you”.I was suddenly overcome with a sense of what she was actually doing. Although I had witnessed the children serving many times this time I started to think about what this little girl was actually doing. She was repeating something Jesus had himself done, breaking bread to remind those there that the Messiah would give/did give His life for them. She did this because Jesus himself had done it, she did this because Jesus had asked her to do it, she did this in the name of Jesus, she did this in the power of Jesus.
Let us always remember that it is the same Holy Spirit who fills our children who fills us adults, they don’t have a second rate, smaller sized Spirit but God’s Spirit in all His fullness.