On the Pot of Gold

I was told yesterday that some of the children in our school’s reception class had asked to place Jesus on the “pot of gold”. This “pot of gold” is the top spot in the class’s encouragement system. Children are moved up the scale when they perform or behave well, all the children want to make it to the “pot of gold”. It was suggested by the children that Jesus deserved to be at the top because of all the wonderful things he does.

The temptation when we hear stories like that is to respond with a smile and an “isn’t that sweet?” Maybe we even give a sigh or let out an “awwww”.

As I reflect on this I think about God’s response to our adult, grown up declarations. I am sure when he hears people saying they are close to understanding him and his ways and his works he smiles and lets out an “awwwww, aren’t they sweet.” I also think that when he sees the children asking to place Jesus on the “pot of gold” he says “Wow, wonderful, their heart is in the right place.”